Deputy Sheriff

Posted Date 4 months ago(11/1/2023 8:45 AM)
Job Locations
Starting Pay
USD $24.04/Hr.
Above Base Potential
1% above base pay up to 10% for prior experience
Annual education incentive: Associate’s Degree $636, Bachelor’s Degree $1,044, Master’s Degree $1,536.




Responsible work of a general law enforcement nature with primary emphasis on the protection of life and property and the routine enforcement of federal, state, and local laws.  Work involves an element of personal danger.  Employees must be able to act effectively without direct supervision and to exercise discretion, caution, common sense, reasonable calmness, and self-control under adverse conditions while maintaining control of a particular situation or emergency.


Duties may involve other special assignments of similar complexity including providing assistance to those who are unable to care for themselves, the intoxicated, addicted, mentally ill, physically disabled, and persons of all ages.  Work may be performed either in uniform or plain clothes, on foot or in an automobile, and on any assigned shift.




  • Pursue and effect the immediate apprehension and arrest of persons suspected of committing criminal violations directed to his/her attention
  • Investigate all complaints which are assigned or brought to his/her attention and report or take law enforcement action in those cases under the jurisdiction of ACSO
  • Provide citizens with general information, advice, etc., whenever possible 
  • Prevent the commission of crimes, suppress all forms of commercialized vice, and detain and apprehend criminals
  • Under no circumstances make public any information that may jeopardize the successful completion of an investigation or the apprehension of a perpetrator
  • Observe all persons who arouse suspicion and investigate any person whose appearance, conduct, or presence seems suspicious.  Upon the interview of such persons, attempt to obtain information which will aid the reduction of criminal activity
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the boundaries of Alachua County in relation to neighboring counties and be familiar with the proper names and locations of all streets, avenues, terraces, roads, drives, places, courts, main thoroughfares, alleys, public buildings, hospitals, etc., in Alachua County
  • Be thoroughly familiar with criminal laws and keep up to date with all new changes in Florida State Statutes; also, be familiar with Federal Law and County Ordinances
  • Provide rescue and first aid services in response to accidents, disasters, or other emergency situations
  • Provide referral and follow-up services to resolve domestic and civil crises
  • Advise merchants and the general public regarding suitable crime prevention methods
  • Constantly be on alert to cultivate sources of information that will aid in the solving of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the suppression of vice and organized crime, and establishing informants
  • Respond to situations involving in-progress or recent criminal activity, restore or maintain order, then gather information and evidence accordingly
  • Patrol assigned areas and give particular attention to and re-check locations where crime hazard is great
  • Be available for service at all times while on duty either by radio or telephone
  • Write all reports as directed in agency policy and procedures.  Complete and relinquish all reports prior to completing a work shift, unless authorized by a supervisor
  • Take into official custody property that has been lost, stolen, or abandoned in accordance with agency policy and procedures
  • Testify in court or depositions as necessary
  • Conduct in-depth investigations of criminal incidents, either independently or as part of a coordinated effort
  • Observe, report, and whenever feasible, follow-up on conditions which pose potential threats to public safety and health
  • Maintain an alert and military bearing upon the streets or while in a vehicle
  • Maintain cleanliness and operational readiness of all assigned equipment
  • May, on a limited or occasional basis, assist in other areas of the agency
  • Serve judicial process as directed

*This job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities of the position.  The omission of specific job functions or tasks does not absolve an employee from being required to perform additional tasks incidental to or inherent in the position



  • Will be required to work any shift assigned by a supervisor to include days, evenings, and/or nights.  Assigned shift subject to change without prior notice
  • May be required to work overtime with or without prior notice


  • Working hours are generally stable, however due to the emergency nature of this assignment, this position may require continuous scheduling adjustments without prior notice
  • May be required to work days, evenings, nights, weekends, and/or holidays
  • Required to work in all types of inclement weather conditions, to include driving, directing traffic, answering calls for service, and any other duties assigned by a supervisor or higher authority
  • Required to work in unstable and potentially dangerous conditions above and beyond what will be expected of any non-sworn employee or civilian.  NOTE: Employees are not required to expose themselves to unnecessary dangers or to perform a potentially life threatening task in which they are not qualified to perform



  • Working knowledge of current federal, state, and local laws as well as agency rules, regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Knowledge of issued equipment, inspection procedures, and safety procedures
  • Awareness of available agency and community resources
  • Knowledge of proper administrative procedures
  • Good knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Skilled in the use and care of firearms, the operation of law enforcement vehicles, and other required law enforcement equipment
  • Ability to act effectively in extremely divergent interpersonal settings
  • Ability to analyze problems quickly and take appropriate action under stress
  • Ability to apply modern law enforcement principles and procedures to solve practical problems; to handle sensitive and hostile public contacts
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; to comprehend and follow orders
  • Ability to obtain relevant and accurate information through interview, interrogation, and observation
  • Ability to cope with situations firmly, courteously, and tactfully, and with respect for the rights of others
  • Ability to maintain the physical condition needed to affect arrests, subdue resisting individuals, chase fleeing suspects, lift and carry both equipment and injured persons, force entry into buildings, climb flights of stairs, walk, stand, sit or drive for long periods of time, endure exposure to extreme weather, and perform lifesaving procedures such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support
  • Ability to maintain the mental alertness needed to observe activities and implement appropriate action
  • Ability to maintain emotional and psychological stability
  • Ability to remember names, faces, details of incidents, and physical surroundings






  • High School Diploma/GED required
  • Associate’s Degree and/or Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Preferred Major(s):  Criminal Justice or other related field


  • Meet or exceed all applicable standards required by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (FCJSTC)
  • Successfully complete all ACSO Field Training requirements



  • Current, valid CJSTC/FDLE Law Enforcement Certification
  • Current, valid Florida driver’s license



  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must be a resident of Alachua County or in a county contiguous to Alachua County and live within 20 minutes of the Alachua County Line or within one (1) hour drive from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office



  • Ability to sit/stand for extended periods of time
  • See and hear at normal range
  • Speak, read, write, and understand English fluently
  • Ambulate independently
  • Lift/carry 150 pounds
  • Push/pull moderate to heavy loads
  • Bend and squat
  • Manual dexterity
  • Drive a vehicle
  • Pass ACSO’s standard Physical Agility Test as required
  • Pass ACSO’s Firearms and Defensive Tactics courses as required
  • Pass ACSO’s various Driving tests as required
  • Pass all other courses/training as mandated by ACSO and/or FCJSTC






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